When a man who is totally unprepared in any way to lead the country becomes President of the United States of America, I have a problem with him calling the Constitution that I have sworn to support and uphold archaic and a bad thing for this country.

There is a reason that most elected politicians started small, learning the system. It is complicated, constrained, and was never meant to be a permanent career or position of indisputable power.

POTUS’ problem is that he has long forgotten anything he may have learned in history, government, social studies, civics, political science, or whatever those courses were called when he was in school. If he ever learned any of it at all. His concept of his job is apparently that it should be no different than running his corporation.

The problem with that is that companies are run by the person with the plan for the company. Countries are only run that way when the leader is a despot or tyrant. The Constitution was created to prevent that from happening. The Constitution ensures that any political dynasties still have to be elected, not inherited. The Constitution was written to ensure that the country was run by people who were responsible for the good of the country, not their own good. To preserve a democratic republic, not to allow dictators to assume power.

Our current POTUS became President for prestige and benefits, not out of any form of patriotism. If his life at an elite military academy was so great, why didn’t he follow through and serve our country? I don’t remember how many deferments he got, but he was in much better physical shape at the time of his deferments than my father was when he served. (And dad’s problems were recorded.)

Rather than taking crash courses from experienced advisors on how to run the country, POTUS has been too busy spending most of his weekends at his golf course, a relatively unsecured facility. I feel sorry for the Secret Service assigned to him, as there are a lot of people out there who are not happy with the flippant way the country is being run. I would hate for any of them to be injured in the line of duty for a man who couldn’t care less about his own lack of empathy, knowledge and ability.

POTUS acts like a spoiled child – I want what I want when I want it, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks or wants. If someone else has done things that made people happy (like Obama with healthcare and protections for potable water and breathable air), all those things have to be reversed so that POTUS can feel better about himself.

Thank you, founding fathers, for creating a Constitution that will keep POTUS from making himself king, emperor, or whatever he thinks he should be.