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A little over 5 years ago this nation was shocked by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Every shooting at a school has since been followed by prayers and condolences, but its always too soon to look at our gun laws, which have been relaxed since then. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is the site of the latest victims of politicians with the power to protect our children, but not the inclination.

I hate to wish this on them, but I can only hope that the next school targeted is one of the exclusive private schools attended by children of Republican congressmen. I’d like to see them continue to say that its a mental health issue and guns are not responsible. I don’t want more children hurt or killed, but I want the GOP to know how other parents feel when their children are in danger because of the inaction of the party of family values.

I stress again, I don’t want more children hurt or killed, but I want GOP congressman to know the pain their inaction for years has caused.


Apparently our esteemed Congressmen (that includes our Senators) have forgotten the basics of getting a bill turned into a law.

The short and non-tedious version:
1. Either house creates and votes on a bill.
2. Then the other house votes on it.
3. Assuming it passes both houses, it goes to the President.
4. The President can sign it, veto it, or ignore it. The first and third options give it a chance to automatically become law.
5. The second option, the Presidential veto, takes a little bit of backbone, but if both houses override the veto with a 2/3 vote, the bill can still become law.

If Congress were serious about doing something about DACA and the Dreamers, or anything else for that matter, they could do what the people of the U.S. want, rather than bow to the President.

Karma may take some time, but every elected and appointed representative supporting the President against the people of the United States will eventually feel the wrath caused by their (in)actions and behaviour.

Yes, yes, go ahead and release the memo without having either the FBI or DOJ check it to ensure there is nothing classified in it, and that it is factual. Then, once it is made public, and we can see exactly what should be protected information about agents, sources, collection techniques and anything else that can be used to endanger our national security, we can bring charges of treason against everyone who voted for its release without proper redaction, from the aides writing the memo right up to the President who authorizes its release.

I worked on a highly secure military base, with a team who all held top-secret security clearances, and we were not allowed to discuss our work outside of our work area under penalty of treason.

It would be nice to see politicians who are trying to make points held to the same standard we were. Especially since most of the these politicians do not have the same high-level clearances held by the people against whom they are railing.

I responded to one of their polls. Once. It took me a week of trying to get myself unsubscribed. As much as they rant and rave against the “lies” of the Democrats, all they seem to want from me was my money, for the purpose of electing more of themselves. No goals ever stated for what they will do once they are in power, just that more of them need to be there. If all they are going to do is restrict the rights of women , deport those who have made a life for themselves and are active in their community, and keep out people, unlike the way their ancestors were allowed to stay here, and enriching the few while impoverishing everyone else, then I have no desire to support them. The leadership of this party of “family values” seems only to consider themselves as family and everyone else as an outsider.

I don’t approve of Democrats much more than this, and would love to see the ability of minority parties to get some standing before the American public. Then, when the legislators have to compromise, the American public may finally see some benefits of government. As it stands now, only a small portion of our citizenry is getting any benefit from the federal government. And some state governments are even worse. When elected officials stop working for the good of the people, they need to get out of office and get a real job, just like the rest of us, and see what their shenanigans have wrought.

For seven, no, eight long years the GOP has clamored for Repeal and Replace of Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act was an attempt to follow the template provided by “Romneycare” in Massachusetts, which has improved healthcare in Massachusetts. While the GOP screams that this is not good enough, they have never sat down and really planned what healthcare should look like, preferring to tear down anyone else’s ideas. Why they want to delegate health care to the states is beyond me; it’s a surefire way to get people who can afford to make the move to relocate to states with good healthcare. I can almost guarantee that it would wind up putting more people in states that are willing to spend money on their citizens, something that seems to be more common in blue states than red states. Hmmmm, wouldn’t that change the numbers in Congress and put the Democrats back in a place to revamp healthcare for all without any Republican input, just like the Republicans have been trying to do for the last year or so? Too bad that so many children and grandparents will have to die in the meantime because healthcare will be out of the reach of most families that don’t make enough money now to have both food, shelter and good health.

The ACA covers those that are not on Medicare and are not covered by an employer plan. It is not the largest percentage of healthcare recipients, but it is the part of the population most in need of having affordable healthcare because they have to pay for all of it themselves. It’s a lot harder for a family of four with a household income of $40,000 to pay premiums for the entire family than it is for a member of Congress to get pay for their premiums with a subsidy that comes out of the taxes on those who pay the salaries of those who are supposed to represent them.

I don’t know about repealing, but I’d like to replace every congressman who is more concerned about lining their own pockets and satisfying their donors than they are about providing jobs and basic health and financial security for the people they are supposed to represent.

Democratic politicians accused of sexual harassment and assault are apologizing and resigning, yet the Republicans being accused of same deny, deny, deny, and belittle and attack the women who are making the accusations. #MeToo is proving that our culture has long held a bias against the equality of women, and yet our party of family values still doesn’t get it.

Our party of family values is also the party that is more adamant about removing any security nets for family members, while many of them had the use of them while they were growing up. I know a couple, where the wife had to take retirement early at 62 because her (younger) husband is disabled. His social security disability payment is going up $200 a month in 2018, and her retirement s is going up all of $20 a month. She gets no assistance with him, and while he can get extra assistance from their State’s Medicaid program, if she makes more than $200 a month by doing odd jobs for other people, she will not be eligible for such assistance. She is grateful that being a veteran she is getting some mental health care through the VA for giving up her life and money she could have been getting from Social Security if she could have waited to retire at 66 (at least another $400 per month) by having to stop working to care for her husband. And now the party of family values wants to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. What are they going to do?

Then there’s the tax overhaul that the party of family values wants to pass. Cut exemptions for student loans, mortgage interest and costs, state and local taxes, and more, but expect that cutting corporate taxes will trickle down and raise employee wages, just like they have since the days of Reagan. NOT. I also noticed how cutting out the exemption for state and local taxes affects blue states. You know, the ones that use their taxes for the benefit of their citizens, and give more to the federal government than they receive. Just like American citizens, who give to the government more than they will receive in any kind of benefit if the party of family values has its way.

Here is what I sent to the offices of Senators David Perdue and Johnny Isakson, the honorable senators for the State of Georgia:

I would like to know where you stand on Presidential nominees Andrew Wheeler, Michael Dourson, Bill Wehrum and Kathleen Hartnett White. If you support their nominations to help with the future environmental policies of the United States, I would like to know why you feel that way, in light of their long histories of pushing decisions that that negatively impact the health of our environment and, more importantly, our citizens.

It has only been a few hours and I have not yet received a response from Senator Isakson’s office, but here is the response from Senator Perdue:

Dear —————-:
I ran for the U.S. Senate because, like you, I was frustrated by the direction our country was going and fed up with business as usual in Washington. As an outsider and business guy, I saw an opportunity to shake things up; but we can only get the job done by listening to you. Your input helps me focus on the issues that are affecting millions of Georgians like yourself, and lets me know how Washington can better answer to you. From reining in out-of-control spending and growing our economy, to tackling our national debt crisis, there is no shortage of big problems that need to be addressed. Rest assured that your message is being reviewed by the appropriate member on my team. Please continue to reach out to me with your thoughts and concerns, and I will keep working on your behalf to get the results that you deserve.

If you are experiencing problems with a federal agency, including the VA, please reach out to my Atlanta office at 404-865-0087 and my team will be happy to assist you.

Kindest regards,

David Perdue
United States Senator

Is it me, or did my Senator say that his decision about Presidential nominees rests with a member of his staff/team?I thought he was the one who was elected to represent me, not one of them. A simple acknowledgment by a staffer saying my question was being forwarded to the Senator for his response would have been better if he ever wanted me to vote for him again.

And for what it’s worth, I sent a note to the White House and received this message: “Due to the high volume of messages received at this address, the White House is unable to process the email you just sent.” So much for my opinion counting for anything at all under the sun by my Republican representatives. (My Democratic Representative, on the other hand, must have a b etter trained staff, as he always responds to the question asked and doesn’t go off on tangents.)