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Having had a chance to step back from the craziness to take time to review the US Constitution, I suddenly realized that Trump’s tweets, whether official or not, have no bearing on US policy without the backing of Congress. Unlike the Trump Organization, Trump’s word is not law. He can send off tweet after tweet, but our founding fathers came up with a form of government where the Executive Branch is supported or constrained by the Legislative Branch.

Trump can tweet all he wants, and sign Executive Order after Executive Order, but if any tweet or EO requires funding or the approval of Congress, he is dead in the water. Much like Obama was during his second term.

Trump’s tweets are displaying his total betrayal of the people he promised to support and protect. His veiled threats to members of Congress and his own congressionally-approved appointees show that he cares not a whit for them if they disagree with him. So much for his loyalty to others when he demands it from them.

Loyalty and respect require a two-way street, and as we have been seeing with Trump, it is his way or the highway. At least in his own mind. As he has not yet managed a coup on our democracy, he is only as strong as Congress allows him to be. They represent the will of the people, unlike the bankers and backers he has appointed to tear down the governmental agencies by which they feel constrained.

It is time for Congress to take a stand, either for the American people, all of them, or for a man who would be an autocrat, if allowed. And its time for the American people to remember how their Congressmen vote on issues that affect them.


So long as the women do what the men feel they should be doing.

Representative Buddy Carter of Georgia said on live television appearance on MSNBC that he wants to “snatch a knot” in Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s “ass”. In other words, he feels beating a female member of Congress is acceptable because she didn’t vote for something that would have hurt her constituents.

This followed Representative Blake Farenthold of Texas, speaking of Senator Susan Collins’ vote against the quickly and secretly drafted repeal and replace bills, telling a local radio station that, “If it was a guy from south Texas, I might ask him to step outside and settle this Aaron Burr-style.” Again, the threat that violence is acceptable, although he stopped short of saying that it was appropriate to attack a woman. Those two at least had the decency to offer and accept one another’s apologies for statements made.

I’m not surprised by Buddy Carter. Georgia Republicans have a long history of charming their constituents with all the right words, but then working to cut the legs out from under those same constituents. Georgia, one of the red states that did not expand Medicaid “because it would be too costly”, has a high percentage of workers living under the poverty level. While expanding Medicaid would have helped reduce that, the Republican legislature all rejected it. But what can you expect from a state that will not submit disability applications to the federal agency making those decisions, despite the examining doctors confirming to the patient that they should be on disability, unless an attorney forces the issue?

Back to the non-war on women. It is Republican-dominated legislatures that are now trying to force raped women wanting an abortion to get the permission of the rapist. I guarantee that if it was the men who had to go through the experience, it would be shot down immediately. Generally speaking, men are competitive and have to be winners, while women are more cooperative and try to do what is best for their community. Taking that to the political arena, I’ve been noticing that most of the (too few) women in Congress are often shut out of secret meetings and are more likely to consider what is best for their constituents while the men are more interested in making a name for themselves amongst their constituents rather than helping all but a few who can help them retain power and enrich themselves.

Men who cheat on their wives, serially marry, or beget children off multiple women are praised and looked up to, while mothers who have been abandoned and try to get on with their lives are sluts and worse. Heaven forbid a working woman tries to assert herself and her expertise, as she is usually considered, at least among much of corporate management, to be aggressive and bitchy. If, as the Bible says, Eve was created to be an equal and helpmate to Adam, why do men consider women to be no better than chattel, and have to restrict their actions and liberty.

I have yet to hear of Democratic Congressmen inciting violence against women, so I find it hard to believe reports of Democrats having a war on women. Democrats have other problems, but they pale in comparison to the way Republicans are currently acting against half the population (and I am not just considering women in that statement).

Once again betraying a portion of the population that he previously assured he would support, we see that transgender people are not worthy in the eyes of the President or his administration.

I suppose once all the details are worked, the next group he will ban from military service is women. After all, they are just supposed to be eye candy and don’t have opinions or ideas on a par with any man, unless they are President Trump’s daughter.

After that, considering all his expertise in foreign relations, we will obviously need to reinstitute the draft because we won’t have enough servicemen with the elimination of our current and future transgender and female service people to support the size of the military we are going to need to protect ourselves.

I sure do hope that the President’s sons and son-in-law, as well as the male children and grandchildren of all our Congressmen, will be willing to serve their country in the place of all those others willing but not allowed to.

POTUS tweet Wednesday morning after the special election in Georgia’s 6th District:
“Democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with Republicans on Healthcare,Tax Cuts,Security, Obstruction doesn’t work!”

So tell me again how the Democrats are supposed to work together with the Republicans when the latter draft bills behind closed doors and do not allow the Democrats to even see what is being drafted so they can contribute.

And how Pelosi and the Democrats are able to obstruct when they are in a definite minority in both the House, the Senate, and the number of Governorships in the USA. As opposed to the earliest words of the Republicans when Obama was first elected, that the Republicans would resist anything Obama wanted to enact. And as proven by their multiple shutdowns of the government and refusal of the Senate to even consider vote on a Supreme Court nominee, as is their duty. Of course, if the Democrats adopt the same behaviour, maybe they can make obstruction work.

And how its “left” that is hateful when its the “right” that has been trying to keep anyone different from themselves from having the same rights and securities. When I was growing up, we were taught “judge not lest ye be judged”, but its only the more conservative and outspoken religious that seem to be judging others and proclaiming their lives and lifestyles as wrong. Not to forget that most hate crimes in this country are performed by people who don’t like anyone different in any way from themselves (Democrats don’t go to churches or synagogues or mosques and open fire, Democrats do not open fire on health clinic workers, and the non-religious do not protest at funerals for fallen heroes). By the way, I remember Democrats calling Republican behaviour deplorable, but its the Republicans who proudly call themselves that, and call anyone who disagrees with the a Libtard. Of course, what can you expect when a President went around calling his campaign opposition “Little”, “Lyin;”, “low energy”, ugly, “Cheating”, and such. Why wouldn’t his followers do the same?

By the way, my favorite remark from Karen Handel was that she, like other Republicans, does not believe in a livable wage. Her attempt to backtrack to say that the government shouldn’t be responsible for setting a minimum wage doesn’t cut it, as “I really believe that the solution to helping insure that all hard-working Georgians can make a good salary is not through mandates.” However, if not for federally mandated minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, many Georgia employers would not be paying their employees any more than the $5.15 an hour minimum stipulated by the Georgia legislature. Of course, the 6th District doesn’t have to worry about that, as many of them, like Representative-elect Handel, have made their money by using their name-recognition to advance rather than working for the benefit of others. One of the the things Handel did was to use the “woman” card, although she has not done much to improve the lives of woman who need help. But that does seem to be the Republican way.

I get it, its not a good situation. But I am amazed that so many people are blaming President Obama, when the problem with government is a Congress that either does nothing, or shuts down when certain senators don’t get their way. When 41 senators can keep a bill from being voted on, that is an obstruction of justice. If you want to rant and rail at Congress, remember that it was a sole Republican who prevented the passage of the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act throughout 2014, and it was only passed and signed off on after he quit the Senate at the end of that year. It was a group of Republicans who forced the government to shut down and continue to threaten to do it again. It was a group of 47 Republicans who contacted a foreign government (Iran) saying that once the President was out of office, any negotiated agreement would become null and void. That was a treason under the 1799 Logan Act, but they were never held accountable for their actions. And it is Republicans who are stating they will not even consider a vote on an nominated Supreme Court justice, no matter the person’s qualifications.

Not happy with the government? Take a look at who is doing anything and who is not. Our Republican presidential candidates and congressmen who are all for sending American troops to fight overseas, but it is these same people who either will not vote or vote against any bills that will benefit our veterans. I’m beginning to think that I only want to elect people who have served in the armed forces, as only they know what our military members, active duty and veterans alike, live with. It is unfortunate that we contract to offer up our lives 24/7/365 to serve our country, but the support we are promised in our contracts is not provided by our politicians.

It has been reported that Sen. Grassley said the following (
“it’s been standard practice over the last 80 years to not confirm Supreme Court nominees during a presidential election year. Given the huge divide in the country, and the fact that this President, above all others, has made no bones about his goal to use the courts to circumvent Congress and push through his own agenda, it only makes sense that we defer to the American people who will elect a new president to select the next Supreme Court Justice.”

That same article indicated that Justice Kennedy was confirmed during an election year, so precedent has been set. I’m guessing that there haven’t been too many instances in recent history that required confirmation during an election year, which is why its not commonplace.

As to the President’s so-called goal to use the courts to circumvent Congress, maybe if Congress would do its job, there would be no need for any “circumventing”. If the government were run like a business, which is what Mr. Trump would probably like to see, my guess is that a good portion of Congress would have been fired over the last four years for non-performance of Constitutional duties. I understand that telling the people what they want to hear is what keeps people like you in power, but if people were taught to think about the consequences of their actions, they may do a better job of electing their representatives. I’ve tried to vote for the people who would do the best for the common good, but I also know what the education system looks like in my state, and I’m not surprised that we make no progress whatsoever and continue to elect corrupt and self-serving politicians.

Approve term limits for Congressmen the way we have them for the President, and maybe we’d actually see this wonderful country moving in the right direction.

As far as the Presidential candidates feeling that President Obama should not recommend any new justices and wait for the new president to do so, you are forcing the Supreme Court of the United States to operate without a full complement, and possibly prevent decisions from being made. That would have the effect of preventing the Supreme Court from operating in the same manner as Congress has refused to act by not allowing bills to be voted upon or by shutting down the government. Senator Cruz does not mind that the Supreme Court has been decidedly conservative over the last decades, but doesn’t want it to be more liberal. Where is the fairness there? It was mostly due to Justice Scalia’s influence that so many states have restricted women’s rights after Roe v. Wade was affirmed by the Supreme Court. Why shouldn’t a new Supreme Court be able to reaffirm that? Because it is not what you believe? Just how much law have you practiced on behalf of the common men and women against corporate and governmental America?

The attack on the temporary consulate facility took place September 11, 2012. Three years, eight official investigations and something like $2 million (paid for by the taxpayers) later, and we are still attacking Clinton for her part.

I did a lot of reading, but can only include points that I remember noting:
– Host countries have some responsibility for the safety of diplomatic missions.
– The military was not on standby, prepared for an attack in the region.
– The State Department expected the nearby CIA annex to use its security forces in an emergency because the consulate was not permanent and did not have all the typical security in place.
– A decision had been made to beef up security at the airport rather than at the consulate.
– Deputy Chief of Mission Hicks (at the Embassy in Tripoli) did not respond to the first two calls made to him when the attack started.
– The CIA (in the Annex compound) took half an hour to authorize a rescue by its Annex Security Team, which knew of the attack from shortly after it had started.
– Stories changed as more information became available (this makes sense, folks, and does not indicate a cover-up)

How many times was Secretary of State Colin Powell called to testify at an investigation for attacks at or on diplomatic facilities in Calcutta, Karachi (2x), Denpasar, Tashkent and Jeddah?
How many times was Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called to testify at an investigation for attacks at or on diplomatic facilities in Karachi (again), Damascus, Athens, Sana’a (2x) and Istanbul?
Or didn’t those attacks matter because there were only two US deaths in all those attacks, one in Karachi and one in Sana’a?

Come think of it, I don’t remember investigations into attacks near or at our Consulates and Embassies in Peshawar, Cairo, Sana’a and Tunis. Of course, no American lives were lost at those locations, so I guess they weren’t important. At the locations I’ve listed, 47 people and 25 attackers died. Did none of those lives matter?

If Clinton were not running for President, would she still be investigated to this extent?

With no new information being revealed, I feel that we need to have the politicians who keep forcing these investigations to pay for them out of their own pockets, or out of the party’s pockets, and not out of the pockets of US taxpayers.