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So long as the women do what the men feel they should be doing.

Representative Buddy Carter of Georgia said on live television appearance on MSNBC that he wants to “snatch a knot” in Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s “ass”. In other words, he feels beating a female member of Congress is acceptable because she didn’t vote for something that would have hurt her constituents.

This followed Representative Blake Farenthold of Texas, speaking of Senator Susan Collins’ vote against the quickly and secretly drafted repeal and replace bills, telling a local radio station that, “If it was a guy from south Texas, I might ask him to step outside and settle this Aaron Burr-style.” Again, the threat that violence is acceptable, although he stopped short of saying that it was appropriate to attack a woman. Those two at least had the decency to offer and accept one another’s apologies for statements made.

I’m not surprised by Buddy Carter. Georgia Republicans have a long history of charming their constituents with all the right words, but then working to cut the legs out from under those same constituents. Georgia, one of the red states that did not expand Medicaid “because it would be too costly”, has a high percentage of workers living under the poverty level. While expanding Medicaid would have helped reduce that, the Republican legislature all rejected it. But what can you expect from a state that will not submit disability applications to the federal agency making those decisions, despite the examining doctors confirming to the patient that they should be on disability, unless an attorney forces the issue?

Back to the non-war on women. It is Republican-dominated legislatures that are now trying to force raped women wanting an abortion to get the permission of the rapist. I guarantee that if it was the men who had to go through the experience, it would be shot down immediately. Generally speaking, men are competitive and have to be winners, while women are more cooperative and try to do what is best for their community. Taking that to the political arena, I’ve been noticing that most of the (too few) women in Congress are often shut out of secret meetings and are more likely to consider what is best for their constituents while the men are more interested in making a name for themselves amongst their constituents rather than helping all but a few who can help them retain power and enrich themselves.

Men who cheat on their wives, serially marry, or beget children off multiple women are praised and looked up to, while mothers who have been abandoned and try to get on with their lives are sluts and worse. Heaven forbid a working woman tries to assert herself and her expertise, as she is usually considered, at least among much of corporate management, to be aggressive and bitchy. If, as the Bible says, Eve was created to be an equal and helpmate to Adam, why do men consider women to be no better than chattel, and have to restrict their actions and liberty.

I have yet to hear of Democratic Congressmen inciting violence against women, so I find it hard to believe reports of Democrats having a war on women. Democrats have other problems, but they pale in comparison to the way Republicans are currently acting against half the population (and I am not just considering women in that statement).


Once again betraying a portion of the population that he previously assured he would support, we see that transgender people are not worthy in the eyes of the President or his administration.

I suppose once all the details are worked, the next group he will ban from military service is women. After all, they are just supposed to be eye candy and don’t have opinions or ideas on a par with any man, unless they are President Trump’s daughter.

After that, considering all his expertise in foreign relations, we will obviously need to reinstitute the draft because we won’t have enough servicemen with the elimination of our current and future transgender and female service people to support the size of the military we are going to need to protect ourselves.

I sure do hope that the President’s sons and son-in-law, as well as the male children and grandchildren of all our Congressmen, will be willing to serve their country in the place of all those others willing but not allowed to.

Would be nice if any of the candidates had military experience. It might affect how they feel about women serving (why shouldn’t they?) as opposed to how they feel about men serving.

Sorry, Dr Carson, but you can’t start integrating military members into civilian life a year before they get out because they wouldn’t be able to do their jobs if you did that.

Thank you for your comments, Governor Kasich.

Sorry,Mr. Trump, but that fundraising for veterans had small print that the money was going directly to your foundation, not veterans groups. Apparently, your foundation has gaiven very little support to veterans in the past, and veterans groups are aware of it. Many have said they would reject any offer of money from you.

I notice that while several candidates said they would ensure that veterans can get care from any provider, they were careful not to state they are in favor of privatizing the veterans health care system, something to which veterans are vehemently opposed because most providers cannot diagnose and treat many of the same issues veterans will bring to the table in different locations. There is no way for independent providers to get a picture of what is going on within the veteran community without having the VA health care system. Yes, it needs to be improved, but certainly not dismantled.

Republicans sent us to war overseas, now they are espousing positions akin to deciding whether or not an American soldier deserves to be rescued from behind enemy lines. No one in the military would consider not trying to rescue one of their own. There’s a lot more loyalty and honor in the military than there is amongst politicians. Military members take their oath of office seriously, even though they know that historically the government has not upheld its side of the contract. Military members will do what is not popular because it is expected of them. Maybe we need to institute something similar to a court martial procedure when our politicians don’t do what is expected of them.

The military takes an oath to, among other things, defend against enemies foreign and domestic. Politicians, in their zeal to keep a job that produces nothing, that provides salaries and benefits paid for by the American people, and requires no qualifications other than doublespeak to remain in office, have become the biggest domestic enemy of our military.

Congress makes the decision to cut veterans benefits. Congress makes the policy that sends military families into poverty, and allows their homes to be foreclosed while the military member is on active duty. Congress makes the decision to cut funding for protection of the troops in favor of allotting money to its lobbying civilian “support” services.

I’m proud to have served, and proud of my friends and family who have served, but I’ll be damned if I have any respect for any politician who in any way demeans any military member, or intimates that their life is worthless, when its the military member who was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. Politicians wouldn’t consider sacrificing their jobs, much less their lives. Under these conditions, I still don’t understand why anyone would join the military.