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Go ahead, Senators, and confirm a justice who will move further towards your conservative leanings and away from the progress our nation has made over the past 70 years giving equal rights to our population.
Just remember, when the women in your family are raped and forced to bear children, and even have ongoing contact with the rapisrs, it’s you who took away the ability for women to make decisions, with their doctors, that are in their best interests.
When your children, grandchildren, neices and nephews find the financial bottom of their world falling, it was your decisions that don’t provide them with a safety net to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
When someone in your extended family suffers in a devasting attack, be it physical or medical, it’s your decisions that May prevent them from getting the best care available. Some will die, some will become vegetative or severely handicapped, and some will exit the USA for healthcare obtainable elsewhere.
You want us to save American jobs and buy American, but your leadership is badly flawed. How many of you, like our President and his family, are making money from overseas labor and manufacturing. Start practicing what you are preaching. Bring ingenuity and support back to our workers to make products and deliver services we can be proud to make and own.
Speaking of which, how about a living wage, so people don’t need to work two and three jobs to support themselves? While you and your friends may have 6 figure incomes, not everyone does. Especially people who worked all their lives at the best jobs they could find and till couldn’t get ahead because housing and medical care still made up over half their income. I heard a report from last year that indicated that at least one Congressman believes that a $150,000 a year income puts someone in the middle class. I hate to say it, but try to live on the $20 or $30,000 that is all some of us were able to earn because the companies didn’t and don’t want to pay a living wage to their employees because it reduces their profits. Education doesn’t matter, but connection to a politican seems to help. We don’t all have that.


Yes, I know I was shouting. I want the point to sink in. If these so-called pro-life people really were pro-life, they would be ensuring that no child would ever have to go without sustenance or healthcare, and that animals deserve to live as much as people do. If they were pro-life, they would be advocating to protect our families and our environment. But they don’t. They want a child to be born. Period. They don’t care that one or both parents may not be there to raise the child. They don’t care that the child is born with a disability that will impoverish the family in order to care for it, but will not be able to because healthcare is too expensive. They don’t care that the mother was raped and will have to deal with the reminder of the assault every day for the rest of her life. They don’t care that they kill or maim people who help women who have decided whether or not they want to start a family. They don’t care about anything except for protecting a human fetus and ensuring it becomes a baby.  No other form or stage of life is worth anything to these so-called pro-lifers.


After previously visiting St. Petersburg and attending the ballet, on July 4, 2018, seven Republican senators, Richard Shelby (AL), John Kennedy (LA), John Hoeven (ND), Jerry Moran (KN), Steve Daines (MT), John Thune (SD), and Ron Johnson (WI), and a Republican representative, Kay Granger, (TX), rather than being in their home districts to celebrate Independence Day with their constituents, were in Moscow, to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and other Russian officials, including former ambassador Sergey Kislyak, after President Putin decided not to meet with them.

They weren’t there to cast blame on Russia for anything its done, but to try to encourage peaceful relations. No discussion of Russia hacking the 2016 elections. No discussion of Russia invading Ukraine and annexing Crimea. No discussion of deadly nerve gas used against a former spy in England. I guess we needed a delegation to pay homage to the government to which our politicians plan to surrender us, rather than have proud representatives of America stand with their constituents to celebrate the birth of our democracy after a hard fight. The men who created this great nation suffered greatly, but apparently that is not something the current crop of Republicans are willing to do for their country.

Once upon a time, civility, or politeness and courtesy, were a standard way of life in order that people who did not necessarily like one another could get along in public situations. It was a form of behaviour that was taught from generation to generation and allowed us to function as a society.

Civility in the US seems to be going the way of the dinosaur. And while it has been in trouble ever since the failed attempt at political correctness reared its head, it is concentrated in one element of the population much more than anywhere else. And the rapid loss of civility is nowhere as apparent as what is spewed from the mouths of the fanatical followers of our current President.

Yes, you heard me correctly. A man who name-calls anyone disagreeing with him, cannot tolerate any difference of opinion or being told he’s not 100% correct about something, and has no regard for anyone outside himself. His actions tell people that its perfectly acceptable to only be concerned about themselves and to say what they want to or about anyone else.

These are the same people who are demanding civility from others, as if they feel they are entitled to better treatment than they give. Although, to be honest, they probably have no idea that their own behaviour is uncivil. I’ve been hearing the expressions libtard, Demonrat, and snowflake, to name a few, for a few years. But I can’t come up with the opposites. When Clinton spoke of some Trump supporters belonging in a basket of deporables, she was taking about people whose behaviour was exclusive and mean-spirited, and therefore abhorent to those who believed that all people should be treated and considered equally. That particular group , for some unfathomable reason, took the label as a badge of honor, and go out of their way to say mean-spirited things to those who believe differently.

Yes, I speak from experience, as I will not discuss anything remotely politically relevant with one long time friend because of some of the hateful remarks made to and about me and my beliefs, and I’ve lost a couple of other friends because they were so adamant about their right-thinking with no consideration of any other ideas or opinions having merit. We name-called as children, and grew out of it because we could see by example that it wasn’t nice. Well, most of us did. Apparently, the uncivil minority didn’t get the message, haven’t grown up, and have no idea what true civility entails.

So, don’t expect me to be civil to you if you can’t be civil to me. And that extends to every name-calling, bullying, self-righteous person who doesn’t believe that other people are their equals and should be treated the way they expect to be treated.

I know I’m not in a position to get the attention of anyone in authority, but I would like to apologize on behalf of the majority of Americans who did not vote for the poor excuse we have for a President, and had no way to object when our flawed Electoral College selected him. I can only hope that the majority will not be silenced through the voter suppression laws the President’s party is trying to institute all over the country, and that the new Congress next year will remember that they have the ability to temper the President’s egregious actions.

I especially apologize to all of our allies, and please forgive me if I single out Canada, who has always been there for us and our ideals, for all the cooperation we have had in the past that is being hacked away by a President who has no knowledge of history or the concept of working together for communal good.

I apologize to the countries who have relied on us for the fair dealings we have had in the past, and with whom we had not broken faith until recently.

I apologize to everyone who believes that the world should be approaching a more globalized community, with unimpeded exchanges of ideas and goods, benefitting all, all because of one President with a myopic and selfish view.

I apologize to the people of countries that we have tried to help in the past, and who we are now ignoring, thanks to a President who has no idea what cooperation and support mean, or maybe he is just downright ignorant and apathetic.

I apologize to all the people who looked to the US as a place to make a better place for themselves and their families, only to discover that my country is no longer a welcoming place, and is downright scary to those who don’t look or sound like our “ruling” party.

I know I speak for many Americans when I make this apology, and pray that you don’t judge all Americans by the actions of a man who appears to be a mishmash of narcissism, disdain, apathy, laziness, and dementia (which would account for ever decreasing vocabulary, ability to concentrate and remember, and anger). I still love all of you and want to be part of global community.

If the Attorney General of the United States relies on a passage from his Bible to justify the actions of the Administration, what happens to the rest of us who don’t use that same Bible? What happens to the designs of the founders and their successors of this once-great country to be a beacon to ethical and moral treatment of all citizens and humans in general? And if the AG is going to quote Scripture, why does he stop at the soundbite without going further, to where the sanctity of family and love is mentioned?

We are a nation founded on rules of discussed and approved law, not a set of arbitrary beliefs, which can be mind-stifling. Republicans once looked upon immigrants as a source of stimulus to economic growth and ideas; took a stand against racial discrimination, be it in schools, employment, housing or voting; protection of personal relationships between patient and physician; fosterng an environment in which intellectual achievement and scientific research may flourish; and federal support for research aimed at preventing and curing diseases, including mental health, and environmental health factors combatting water and air pollution. Among other things that many of us learned to trust from childhood.

When the Republican party in high places spouts Bible verses to support inhumane and unchristian acts, but condones lying, cheating and stealing, and adultery, bearing false witness and covetness, simply because one is in a position of power, then I have every right to condemn the co-opting of the form of government for which I gave the blanket check for my life many years ago. This Administration has not drained any swamp, it created one, and imbued it with the face but not force of religious teachings to to try to give it credibility.

If religious views are going to be a large part of what our Administration claims as its basis for actions, it had better make sure that it is following all those religious views. Where is the condemnation of those who make our country weaker, less secure, and a mockery of what it was by making false claims against rivals, penalizing the weaker and worshipping one’s own financial bottom line? That is certainly not the basis of my religion, and neither is it the basis of my nation.

Peple who claim that they are just adhering to their religious beliefs by attacking or refuse to serve those in the LGBTQ community should be ashamed. My beliefs are certainly not the same as people like these, and are not up for discussion or display in this blog, but my understanding is that all people are made in God’s image. So, isn’t denying a person something because of their lifestyle an affront to a God who made the person in a slightly different mold than the person with the closed mind.

If we are all God’s children, then we should all be at peace, except for the petty sibling rivalries, which only cause rifts when one’s actions adversely affect the sibling. I’ve been approached by LGBTQ folks at various points in my life. If I said I wasn’t interested, they tended to back off politely and maybe apologetically, which is more than I can say for members of my opposite gender who sometimes just wouldn’t stop. Maybe because LGBTQ are forced to tread more carefully, but in my experience they are less violent, aggressive and confrontational, and much more willing to help others.

Its one thing if you are in business for yourself and sell generic items, and another if you serve in a personally artistic capacity. In either case, you have some ability to decide what you will do and who you would serve. On the other hand, if you are being paid by a government agency, you have no right to deny any legal member of the public of the services of your office. If you can’t do that, get into a different line of work.

Isn’t it the Christian Right that wants everyone else out of their business? So why can’t they stay out of everyone else’s as well?