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I just heard that Twitter closed down accounts of suspected trolls and fake accounts. Conservatives are screaming that they lost thousands of followers overnight. Do these screaming Conservatives realize that the “thousands of followers” that were lost weren’t even real followers? If they can’t tell the difference between actual followers and fakes, how can they tell the difference between anything else? I, for one, would rather know that my 10 followers were real people than someone else’s 100 followers were all fake. But I guess it doesn’t matter when how loud you can be is more important that your ability to reason and play well with others.

Adding to this, and making me laugh, is the complaint that all these actions were taken against conservative accounts. Maybe its because the more liberal folks actually talk with people and don’t just tweet. I’ve noticed that conservatives are more likely to complain on twitter than liberals, who don’t get noticed because they don’t have the same presence there. So, proportionately, yes, more conservative twitter accounts would be taken down that liberal ones if the fake accounts were all conservative-leaning. It must have something to do with the more open minds of the liberals and the refusal of conservatives to listen to any viewpoint different from their own.


A teacher, who often doesn’t have the resources needed in the classroom and uses their own money to help support her students, who is considered to be not worth the time of day to pay a decent salary or be entitled to a pension or decent healthcare for the work she has to do, now should be armed.

Where will the money come from to pay for the training to use the weapon? Who will be paying for the guns? (Why can we afford guns in the classroom, but not books or other supplies?) How are we going to secure the guns from unhappy students?

Most importantly, how can anyone with any experience with guns expect that a teacher with a pistol will be able to stop someone with a semi-automatic rifle? Or are the teachers supposed to be protecting their students with semi-automatics of their own?

And kudos to the Florida Legislature, for refusing to discuss guns, but declare porn to be dangerous, especially to teenagers, and also to think that forcing schools to place “In God We Trust” on the schools will make a difference.

This is how children will be taken out of schools and either taught at home or not taught at all. Yes, this is making America great again, if you think that life in the old, wild, lawless West was great.

A little over 5 years ago this nation was shocked by the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Every shooting at a school has since been followed by prayers and condolences, but its always too soon to look at our gun laws, which have been relaxed since then. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is the site of the latest victims of politicians with the power to protect our children, but not the inclination.

I hate to wish this on them, but I can only hope that the next school targeted is one of the exclusive private schools attended by children of Republican congressmen. I’d like to see them continue to say that its a mental health issue and guns are not responsible. I don’t want more children hurt or killed, but I want the GOP to know how other parents feel when their children are in danger because of the inaction of the party of family values.

I stress again, I don’t want more children hurt or killed, but I want GOP congressman to know the pain their inaction for years has caused.

Apparently our esteemed Congressmen (that includes our Senators) have forgotten the basics of getting a bill turned into a law.

The short and non-tedious version:
1. Either house creates and votes on a bill.
2. Then the other house votes on it.
3. Assuming it passes both houses, it goes to the President.
4. The President can sign it, veto it, or ignore it. The first and third options give it a chance to automatically become law.
5. The second option, the Presidential veto, takes a little bit of backbone, but if both houses override the veto with a 2/3 vote, the bill can still become law.

If Congress were serious about doing something about DACA and the Dreamers, or anything else for that matter, they could do what the people of the U.S. want, rather than bow to the President.

Karma may take some time, but every elected and appointed representative supporting the President against the people of the United States will eventually feel the wrath caused by their (in)actions and behaviour.

Yes, yes, go ahead and release the memo without having either the FBI or DOJ check it to ensure there is nothing classified in it, and that it is factual. Then, once it is made public, and we can see exactly what should be protected information about agents, sources, collection techniques and anything else that can be used to endanger our national security, we can bring charges of treason against everyone who voted for its release without proper redaction, from the aides writing the memo right up to the President who authorizes its release.

I worked on a highly secure military base, with a team who all held top-secret security clearances, and we were not allowed to discuss our work outside of our work area under penalty of treason.

It would be nice to see politicians who are trying to make points held to the same standard we were. Especially since most of the these politicians do not have the same high-level clearances held by the people against whom they are railing.

I always thought that religious freedom meant that so long as your beliefs and practices did not hurt others, you could practice whatever religion you chose. That doesn’t seem to be how it is being interpreted under all the new laws claiming they are part of religious freedom.

I remember the debate over the ten commandments being posted at a courthouse. I didn’t think twice about it until someone asked me which Ten Commandments. It turns out that there are multiple versions of the Ten Commandments, and choosing one to place in a courthouse appears to make it the authorized version. Therefore, the Ten Commandments have no place at a courthouse, but the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and all Amendments to the Constitution do have an appropriate place at a courthouse.

Medical and pharmacological professionals are claiming they shouldn’t have to serve those whose with whom their beliefs disagree. We can allow that adult patient beliefs can dictate what kind of treatment the patient may choose to receive from the medical community, but no one in the medical community ought to be allowed to deny a patient something they want or need based solely on a difference of religious beliefs. If you take the oath to serve, then you must serve all who need your medical services. Picking and choosing what patient care you give based on your own religious beliefs is wrong unless you only do so within that community and there are no others present of different beliefs. First rule is always “do no harm”, and inaction can cause as much harm as action.

In the world of commerce, anyone choosing not to serve specific groups should so state on their store front, on their web page, in their marketing materials. The florist and cake baker who sold to gay people until they found out they were gay and then refused were being hypocritical. The attitude was I’ll take your money until you decide to do something that I think is wrong. Admit upfront what you think is wrong, so people have a chance to decide whether to use your services or not. Personal experience – after moving from another part of the country to somewhere in the Bible Belt, a friend needed an item repaired. Rathering than finding someone local, my friend had to drive a distance away for the repair because the repair person advertised that they were a Christian. Turns out, the Christian repair person charged twice what my friend would have paid for any of the qualified local repair people. I’ve seen that happen on more than one occasion, and have learned to keep away from anyone displaying a fish on their storefront or advertising. My multiple observations have triggered this distrust, which is unfortunate, because so many of my Christian friends who believe in the teachings of Jesus do their best to follow the Ten Commandments without wearing their religion on their shoulder or being antagonistic against anyone who believes differently.

Hating a group of people because of their religion now seems to be appropriate under all the religious freedom laws. I will not treat differently any Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Sufi, Agnostic or Atheist if they follow simple morals and ethics, treating people equally, with respect and compassion, and treat others’ property as carefully as if it were their own. The people complaining loudest about being discriminated against are those whose religion is a majority in the US. I pity the generations that grew up being told what their Bible said, rather than reading it and understanding it themselves. It has lead to a population of sheep, easily led and maneuvered. Once upon a time we learned civics and rational thinking in our schools, even if schooling typically was only up through eighth grade. The practices of Jesus have given way to the worship of money, and riches have replaced compassion everywhere. That is the result of what we are calling Religious Freedom.

Religious Freedom should be the ability to walk into a church, synagogue, mosque or temple without fear, to go to school or a job without being hassled for being different, for being able to sell or purchase goods or services without considering whether the person believed the same way you do, to wear the attire that you feel is appropriate to connect you to your beliefs to an almighty being, and to get the best and most appropriate medical care when needed. The only religions with which I have any problems are those which involve causing pain and suffering to people or animals, either directly or indirectly. Beyond that, it is not for me to judge how other people live their lives, except to notice if they are living by the “rules” that they feel others should live by.

In other words, don’t judge a single mother without knowing her circumstances, especially if you played the field and have children of your out there that you are not supporting. Don’t judge someone in old, torn clothes without knowing the work they do or did, especially if you don’t pay your employees a living wage. Don’t expect that just because someone doesn’t live up to your class standards that they had the same opportunities that you had. Yes, this does have to do with religious freedom because it can be an example of what happens when someone thinks their belief and religion entitles them to be better than anyone else. The final reckoning will result from how life was lived, not by how much faith is declared.

If you have to discriminate, do it based on behaviour. Has the other person treated you and others fairly, or dishonestly? Does the other person practice what they preach, or expect everyone else to do what that person can’t be bothered to do? Does it matter what day someone attends their church? Does it matter if they attend at all if they still follow the precepts in which they believe? Outward trappings mean nothing if there is no inner humility and service to others in the name their god.

I responded to one of their polls. Once. It took me a week of trying to get myself unsubscribed. As much as they rant and rave against the “lies” of the Democrats, all they seem to want from me was my money, for the purpose of electing more of themselves. No goals ever stated for what they will do once they are in power, just that more of them need to be there. If all they are going to do is restrict the rights of women , deport those who have made a life for themselves and are active in their community, and keep out people, unlike the way their ancestors were allowed to stay here, and enriching the few while impoverishing everyone else, then I have no desire to support them. The leadership of this party of “family values” seems only to consider themselves as family and everyone else as an outsider.

I don’t approve of Democrats much more than this, and would love to see the ability of minority parties to get some standing before the American public. Then, when the legislators have to compromise, the American public may finally see some benefits of government. As it stands now, only a small portion of our citizenry is getting any benefit from the federal government. And some state governments are even worse. When elected officials stop working for the good of the people, they need to get out of office and get a real job, just like the rest of us, and see what their shenanigans have wrought.