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Let us be represented by men with no respect or regard for women except as baby-making housekeeping machines who never question men.
Let us roll back protections so that our air and water are filled with pollutants.
Let us upturn all land so that oil and gas companies take everything they can out of the land without repairing the damage.
Let us kill animals indiscriminately if they insult our existence in any way. Not even to hunt them and give them a chance to survive, but to go after them in their dens while they are sleeping and hunt from moving conveyances after tiring them out.
Let us reward people who inherit their money or make it on the backs of others without giving credit to or sharing with those who allowed them to make their money.
Let us distrust anyone not lily white or with family in this country for generations. Oh, wait, we have to make exceptions for the president whose grandfather who came here to make his fortune and couldn’t return home because he was considered a draft-dodger there. Just like a man with money and bone spurs can avoid the draft while men without money but flat feet and poor vision get drafted.
Let us not learn from history, or anything except a certain version of the Bible, and then wonder why we are not competitive on the world stage
Let us abdicate our position as a world leader by turning inward and demanding everything be done for our benefit.
Let us antagonize our friends, undermine other democratic nations, and praise oligarchs and autocrats who are anathema to everything America represents.
Let us insult those who have made our country better by giving backhanded compliments when honest acknowledgement of achievements should be made.

If this is what it takes to Make America Great Again, I really have to wonder why were so well respected by the rest of the world for so many years.


For seven, no, eight long years the GOP has clamored for Repeal and Replace of Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act was an attempt to follow the template provided by “Romneycare” in Massachusetts, which has improved healthcare in Massachusetts. While the GOP screams that this is not good enough, they have never sat down and really planned what healthcare should look like, preferring to tear down anyone else’s ideas. Why they want to delegate health care to the states is beyond me; it’s a surefire way to get people who can afford to make the move to relocate to states with good healthcare. I can almost guarantee that it would wind up putting more people in states that are willing to spend money on their citizens, something that seems to be more common in blue states than red states. Hmmmm, wouldn’t that change the numbers in Congress and put the Democrats back in a place to revamp healthcare for all without any Republican input, just like the Republicans have been trying to do for the last year or so? Too bad that so many children and grandparents will have to die in the meantime because healthcare will be out of the reach of most families that don’t make enough money now to have both food, shelter and good health.

The ACA covers those that are not on Medicare and are not covered by an employer plan. It is not the largest percentage of healthcare recipients, but it is the part of the population most in need of having affordable healthcare because they have to pay for all of it themselves. It’s a lot harder for a family of four with a household income of $40,000 to pay premiums for the entire family than it is for a member of Congress to get pay for their premiums with a subsidy that comes out of the taxes on those who pay the salaries of those who are supposed to represent them.

I don’t know about repealing, but I’d like to replace every congressman who is more concerned about lining their own pockets and satisfying their donors than they are about providing jobs and basic health and financial security for the people they are supposed to represent.

Here is what I sent to the offices of Senators David Perdue and Johnny Isakson, the honorable senators for the State of Georgia:

I would like to know where you stand on Presidential nominees Andrew Wheeler, Michael Dourson, Bill Wehrum and Kathleen Hartnett White. If you support their nominations to help with the future environmental policies of the United States, I would like to know why you feel that way, in light of their long histories of pushing decisions that that negatively impact the health of our environment and, more importantly, our citizens.

It has only been a few hours and I have not yet received a response from Senator Isakson’s office, but here is the response from Senator Perdue:

Dear —————-:
I ran for the U.S. Senate because, like you, I was frustrated by the direction our country was going and fed up with business as usual in Washington. As an outsider and business guy, I saw an opportunity to shake things up; but we can only get the job done by listening to you. Your input helps me focus on the issues that are affecting millions of Georgians like yourself, and lets me know how Washington can better answer to you. From reining in out-of-control spending and growing our economy, to tackling our national debt crisis, there is no shortage of big problems that need to be addressed. Rest assured that your message is being reviewed by the appropriate member on my team. Please continue to reach out to me with your thoughts and concerns, and I will keep working on your behalf to get the results that you deserve.

If you are experiencing problems with a federal agency, including the VA, please reach out to my Atlanta office at 404-865-0087 and my team will be happy to assist you.

Kindest regards,

David Perdue
United States Senator

Is it me, or did my Senator say that his decision about Presidential nominees rests with a member of his staff/team?I thought he was the one who was elected to represent me, not one of them. A simple acknowledgment by a staffer saying my question was being forwarded to the Senator for his response would have been better if he ever wanted me to vote for him again.

And for what it’s worth, I sent a note to the White House and received this message: “Due to the high volume of messages received at this address, the White House is unable to process the email you just sent.” So much for my opinion counting for anything at all under the sun by my Republican representatives. (My Democratic Representative, on the other hand, must have a b etter trained staff, as he always responds to the question asked and doesn’t go off on tangents.)

Now is your chance to to put the screws to the American President.

800,000, conservatively, children who have grown up in America, speak English fluently, understand the American school system and business, and all you need to do is set apart an area where they can continue to be nurtured and learn about the rest of their heritage, and then grow into a force that can then bring Mexico all the benefits of the best of both worlds.

Let them show Mexico a different way of life that, combined with the current life, brings unforeseen enhancements. Let their knowledge and caring be shared with the Mexican people, people like themselves, generally self-sufficient with the drive to make life better, and watch your country blossom into a place that people will want to come to because it has grown into a leader.

Want to annoy Trump? Let those he discards show what he could have had if he could only recognize excellence where it exists, which is always outside himself.

One of the first things I learned as I was being groomed to be a good manager was that foul language and an attacking attitude on the part of one of my staff would not be good for the rest of the staff, and would not be tolerated.

I guess that Trump’s management style, as a chief executive with no one to account to, allows him to let his people snipe at one another and use foul language whenever they want with no repercussions. I’ve heard that he likes his people to be highly competitive, and maybe that works for a business that is only there to make money for its chief executive and his family, but its no way to be responsible for the safety and security of over 300 million people.

As President, Trump has shown no leadership ability. While he has signed 42 Executive Orders to date, evidence of the way he wants things to be managed, he has not provided guidance to Congress, which is what a leader would do to get legislation enacted.

Our country has no clear vision of where it is going, although we are seeing that the protections put in place by previous presidents for groups that have been subjected to discrimination are being thrown out the window. Civility and cooperation (and this has nothing to do with so-called political correctness) have also been tossed aside, as Trump does not exhibit either of those traits. He wants his word to be law, and will bully to get it, which may work in a business where he is the absolute boss, but not in government, where he is technically an employee of the American people and is expected to be looking out for them and not himself.

While I am personally not a fan of Reince Priebus, I expect his treatment by Trump and the White House to have serious repercussions. Priebus was probably the only one in the Administration who understood how the government works and how to get the Republican Congress and governors to support the president’s plans. Trump now is surrounded by millionaires, billionaires and Goldman Sachs people who don’t necessarily have the trust of the American people, or their elected officials. Congressmen will stand together, and the Administration’s veiled threats to individual congressional members, even if they are Senate females, will not be tolerated.

Maybe the White House needs to take some refresher courses on the changes that have affected rules of management if they ever want to get anything accomplished.

Having had a chance to step back from the craziness to take time to review the US Constitution, I suddenly realized that Trump’s tweets, whether official or not, have no bearing on US policy without the backing of Congress. Unlike the Trump Organization, Trump’s word is not law. He can send off tweet after tweet, but our founding fathers came up with a form of government where the Executive Branch is supported or constrained by the Legislative Branch.

Trump can tweet all he wants, and sign Executive Order after Executive Order, but if any tweet or EO requires funding or the approval of Congress, he is dead in the water. Much like Obama was during his second term.

Trump’s tweets are displaying his total betrayal of the people he promised to support and protect. His veiled threats to members of Congress and his own congressionally-approved appointees show that he cares not a whit for them if they disagree with him. So much for his loyalty to others when he demands it from them.

Loyalty and respect require a two-way street, and as we have been seeing with Trump, it is his way or the highway. At least in his own mind. As he has not yet managed a coup on our democracy, he is only as strong as Congress allows him to be. They represent the will of the people, unlike the bankers and backers he has appointed to tear down the governmental agencies by which they feel constrained.

It is time for Congress to take a stand, either for the American people, all of them, or for a man who would be an autocrat, if allowed. And its time for the American people to remember how their Congressmen vote on issues that affect them.

Yes, just a joke. He can’t really think that he belongs there. At least, not while he’s alive. After all, even Teddy Roosevelt, the youngest and most Republican member of the enshrined quartet was dead many years before his image shone down from the mountainside.

As for the company he would be keeping, Trump is neither the warrior as Washington or Roosevelt, nor the statesman or diplomat of Jefferson or Lincoln. All four fought for what they believed in, knowing that it could result in their deaths. These four presidents were picked because they commemorate the founding, growth, preservation, and development of the United States.
Washington set the precedent of limited terms in office because he didn’t want our new country to be subject to a king in everything but name.
Jefferson doubled the size of the young country.
Lincoln did his best to keep the country intact as one country, not two.
Roosevelt stood up to corruption and provided that the wonders that made our country special would be left intact for future generations to enjoy.

Trump treats politics like his companies. He expects absolute rule and absolute obedience. He preferred deferments to service to his country. His empire grows on the backs of contractors he does not pay and people he bullies. But that didn’t stop companies affiliated with his name from failing. His god is the almighty dollar, and based on this treatment people without enough dollars don’t deserve to be considered. If Trump finishes this term of office, and goes on to a second, the United States of America will undoubtedly have fewer states when he finally leaves office. Trump’s best advisors have been steeped in corruptions of their own, and in the name of the almighty dollar Trump is guaranteeing that the most beautiful and fragile parts of our counry will be sold to and despoiled by corporate greed.

So, yes, by all means, Trump must be joking about being on Mount Rushmore.